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Viruses and Spyware Removal PDF Print E-mail

What is Spyware? Spyware is a malicious program that employs a users Internet connection in the background to send personal information about that user to advertisers or other interested parties without the users knowledge or permission.

Tech Guy Solutions - Virus and Spyware RemovalWith the types of spyware seen today there is a very thin line on what is classified as spyware and what is classified as viruses. With the amount of computers online connected to the internet via high-speed connections, virus and spyware is a huge problem that affects 2 out of 3 computers. These malicious programs can do many different things to your computer. If you have multiple computers in your home or office viruses and spyware can transfer from one machine to another making it just that more difficult to remove. We can remove and help prevent future attacks on a single computer or system of networked computers. In most cases viruses and spyware attacks can be prevented by downloading the latest security patches for your operating system. We can do this and offer many more tips on how to prevent viruses and spyware infections.

Signs of an infected computer

  • Slow Computer
  • Freezing
  • Corrupted files
  • Computer Reboots itself
  • Popup Ads
  • Desktop wallpaper changes alerting you of spyware found on your system and offer to remove it for a fee.
  • Browser Hijack eg. Homepage changes to a site you did not authorize.
  • Toolbars you did not install in your internet browser.
  • Appearance of new folders or icons you did not install.
An infected system can not only lead to system instability but even more serious issues like identity and credit card theft. One big misconception computer users have is to assume the free or commercial spyware removal programs on the internet will fully remove spyware and virus infections from there computers. In almost all cases we have found these programs simply do not find and remove all the spyware on your system. The malicious programmers that write spyware applications have already caught onto the methods used to identify and remove these infections so they are constantly changing there methods to hide these programs deep into the root of your system.

In almost all cases we have found that there is never just 1 or "a few" pieces of spyware on your computer but 100's. How are you going to know if virus and/or spyware is completely gone from your system? Are you going to be completely assured that your computer is no longer infected and that it's safe to get online and purchase music or other services online with your credit card? I know I would want a competent computer technician to thoroughly check my computer before continuing online!

Spyware removal is a constant challenge and each piece of spyware requires its own removal procedures. You need to have someone that knows what signs to look for and the knowledge to properly remove the infection. If you think your computer may be infected with spyware call the Tech Guy.

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